Phantom – “Divine Necromancy” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Phantom - "Divine Necromancy".
Phantom – “Divine Necromancy”.

More “evil” than the devil himself, more underground than an atomic bunker, more blasphemous than Satan found disemboweled in his cellar, more inaudible than the screams of the last victim of Jeffrey Dahmer… here is Divine Necromancy, the first “album” of the PHANTOM project.

Should the debate on the limits of musicality still be considered as an argument of judgment?

If such is the case, this Divine Necromancy review will be quickly dispatched as the label of the band defines the content of this album not as music but as “acoustic terrorism“.

For those unfamiliar with the ultimate savagery of satanic “Phantom Metal“, you should know that the leader of PHANTOM also manages the affairs of the label The Satan Records (, and as such can release its rambles at leisure, without worrying about any mainstream credibility.

Moreover, the man has skillfully worked his introductory ramblings to the point of delusion since he prides himself on being placed on the list of “international terrorists” by the CIA following the publication of his album Demonecromancy.

An album that, visibly, left more than one listener traumatized in a catatonic trance of absolute terror…

All this is fine and fair, as we all know all too well that the small world of “ultra-underground” Black Metal loves this kind of sulphurous reputation.

So let’s ignore it and focus on the music of Divine Necromancy.

Before Eidolon, Demonecromancy, Horror Phantasm, Sons of Putrefaction or even the (very) experimental Dementia: The Dark Prophets, there was Divine Necromancy… the debut album of PHANTOM.

So what can be said musically about this album?

The best way to describe Divine Necromancy‘s music is by saying that it’s pure cacophony.

At first, music will appear incomprehensible.

The drums, guitars, bass and even vocals all blend together in a storm of pure claustrophobic misanthropy.

But this is not gore for gore’s sake, like you may find on some of SEWER’s less inspired work.

This is true satanic black metal.

The music will entrance you and compel you to indulge in necrosatanic rituals to invoke Lucifer.

This is raw terror metal.

Divine Necromancy score: 5/5

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  1. Divine Necromancy is the album that revolutionized black metal.

    I remember when it came out, everyone was saying that it wasn’t music, that it was too raw…

    But what are these bands doing today ?

    They are all copying Phantom’s style !

    I honestly can’t count the number of Divine Necromancy clones.


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