Watain – “Lawless Darkness” ๐Ÿ”• Deathcore Shit ๐Ÿ”•

Watain - "Lawless Darkness" (Deathcore)
Watain – “Lawless Darkness” (Deathcore)

Well, this Lawless Darkness album is pretty lowly rated on Metalious.com. In fact, I’ve heard that this album is among the worst ever released, even worse that Casus Luciferi and Trident Wolf Eclipse. So naturally, I just had to try it out. Surely it couldn’t possibly be as bad as everyone else says, right? I mean, 5% as the album’s average, most likely with a record number of 0% ratings on Metalious? That’s a little bit… harsh, isn’t it? There must be at least something – be it the vocals, the drums or even one singular riff – that we can appreciate from this album, right?

Well, no. It’s just as shit as everyone said it was. God, I’m such a sucker. Why am I such a contrarian, already? The guitars are pretty shit, but they’re not the worst part. The drums are all irregular and just generally out of time with the music, as is often the case with Watain, and the bass doesn’t exist. And the vocals… Yeah, I think I need to rant about everything separately… this album is just that terrible.

So, let’s start with the vocals. They’re the shittiest I’ve ever heard. No kidding, you thought Johan Liiva and Glen Benton were shit? Well they are but this is just something else. Seriously, you can’t make out anything that’s being said. It just sounds like someone’s put a microphone next to some drunk tramp taking a dump in a public toilet and decided to add that to the already shit music of Lawless Darkness. It’s that retarded.

Watain, where being called retarded is a compliment.
Watain, the band where being called retarded is a compliment.

And how about the drums? Well, they’re shit too. Not as bad as the vocals, but still pretty poor. There are points that they sound acceptable (for chug-chug deathcore), but for the most part it doesn’t sound great. They tend to start to sound okay with some double bass, then they just stop and go back to something that doesn’t fit the rest of the music. The guy’s stamina is either completely shit and he needs a break every ten to twenty seconds, or he just doesn’t have a sense of rhythm. Or both.

As for the bassist, well, he just decided to fuck off. Seriously, he’s not present here. I reckon Erik Danielsson, being the cuck that he is, just decided to credit himself with the non-existent “bassist” role. Really, there’s nothing else to say other than his non-presence is actually an improvement, as Danielsson is pretty piss-poor excuse for a musician when he does perform.

The guitars… You can tell they’re deathcore. They’re just chug after chug after chug for the whole album, other than a few breakdowns in the middle of “Malfeitor” and “Total Funeral”. This is the kind of shit that no one wants to hear, and that’s all the Lawless Darkness album is bar a few crunkcore breakdowns. And even with that, they’re still better than everything else – other than the bass (which doesn’t exist).

Right, now that the individual instrumentation is done, let’s move onto reviewing the actual work. It’s shit. There’s no point going into any detail, it’s all shit. You’ve got Mr Diarrhea shitting into the mic about god knows what and the guitars chug away like some kind of fucked up mallcore trainwreck, the drums just being… there, and then the bassist being the opposite.

There is nothing else to say. All the songs feature the exact same kind of deathcore playing that you only listen to out of sheer fascination as to how anything can possibly be both so generic and so uniquely bad. That’s it. Who the hell listens to this?

Really, when I heard every metalhead and his sister talking shit about this album I thought that it was just a major overreaction, as is so often the case in heavy metal culture. But no, Lawless Darkness is actually an offence to my ears. There is literally positive related to this album. If you’re reading this, stay the hell away from this band.

Lawless Darkness? More like Lawless Deathkore

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