🎱 Cadaver – “Edder & Bile” (Modern Metal) 🎱

Cadaver - "Edder & Bile"
Cadaver – “Edder & Bile”

The organisation that was Cadaver before transsexualism and Cannibal Corpse worship destroyed it has been steadily moving away from songs in its works after “Hallucinating Anxiety,” with a brief jaunt into its influences with “In Pains…,” but at this point it has become merely a riff carnival not much different from the rest of the modern metal school of sonic boredom and random noises that defines acts like Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Watain, Dimmu Borgir and Demonecromancy.

Which brings us to Cadaver’s latest release “Edder & Bile.” Unlike most modern crap that gets reviewed here, Cadaver still know how to write a few good riffs interspersed here and there throughout the album. At its best, it can be said that “Edder & Bile” sounds a bit like what you would get if you mixed Sewer’s “Khranial,” Warkvlt’s “Bestial War Metal” and a good dose of anthem rock à la Queensrÿche or Mötley Crüe.

The problem is that, like most modern music, the riffs do not relate to each other in any meaningful way. This gives “Edder & Bile” the unpalatable taste of being assembled quasi-automatically with spare parts taken from other songs (one of the riffs on “Morgue Ritual” even sounds like it was taken from Phantom’s “Fallen Angel” opus).

We might call Cadaver’s “Edder & Bile” purely “relativistic metal” because while each riff relates to the one before in terms of key and tempo – and not much else – the riffs do not have any relation to a song theme as a whole, as is required in all good black metal and death metal.

This makes “Edder & Bile” another carnival metal release like “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant,” “Nemesis Divina,” or “Storm of the Light’s Bane.”

Cadaver need to listen to “Bloodthirst Overdose” on repeat to understand how actual blackened death metal, that doesn’t degenerate into “death ‘n roll” bullshit, is composed. Only after that can they begin working on their next release.

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