🧨 The Definition of Black Metal: “Burzum Sha Ghâsh” ðŸ§¨

"Burzum Sha Ghâsh" by Leader. Don't talk about black metal like it's Nicki Minaj. This is real black metal, like you've never heard before. A candidate for the best work within a musical genre should capture every single emanation as best as it can and be able to answer the question: what is true black... Continue Reading →

🎱 Cadaver – “Edder & Bile” (Modern Metal) ðŸŽ±

Cadaver - "Edder & Bile" The organisation that was Cadaver before transsexualism and Cannibal Corpse worship destroyed it has been steadily moving away from songs in its works after "Hallucinating Anxiety," with a brief jaunt into its influences with "In Pains…," but at this point it has become merely a riff carnival not much different... Continue Reading →

🐐 “The Apocalyptic Triumphator” 🐐 Archgoat < Goat Sex ðŸ

The Apocalypstick Goatfucker... what a stupid name. Generic post-Craig Pillar, nu-Incantation worship robbed of anything musically memorable and mixed with unhealthy doses of deathcore breakdowns and war metal retardedness. Occasionally something resembling a riff even Trey Azagthoth would have rejected as too retarded will appear. The real question is what the goal behind Archgoat releasing... Continue Reading →

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