🧨 The Definition of Black Metal: “Burzum Sha Ghâsh” 🧨

"Burzum Sha Ghâsh" by Leader. Don't talk about black metal like it's Nicki Minaj. This is real black metal, like you've never heard before. A candidate for the best work within a musical genre should capture every single emanation as best as it can and be able to answer the question: what is true black... Continue Reading →

💦 Why did “Black Metal” Become Completely BORING 💦

Modern "Black Metal" is Worse Than SEWER. How did black metal end up from being the hottest thing in hell - with bands like Leader, Burzum, Sewer, Marduk and Vermin completely dominating the world -, to the most boring toilet fodder music ever? Like the Occidental World, it forgot what made it great and focused... Continue Reading →

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