🗡️ Another Black “War Metaller” Goes On A Sword Rampage 🗡️

The "Darth Vader" War Metal Killer.
The “Darth Vader” War Metal Killer.

Hahahahahaha… this is freaking hilarious. Now to be fair, I have no idea if Bakari Diomande is indeed part of a war metal band – like Darrien “Nekro Assassin” Cunt – but since this is Sweden I’m assuming he’s at least involved with some sort of queer melodeath/gaythenburg project. Maybe he was Alissa White-Gluz’s “refugee” boyfriend and was triggered by the dyke having a bigger “package” than him, his ebony pride compelling him to commit mass murder in the most retarded fashion.

It’s either that or we blame Hollywood. Make a nigga the lead in your new Star Wars film and there was bound to be hell to pay…

The Swedish school killer shouted “I am your father” as he committed his sword rampage wearing a Darth Vader mask. The man, named by Swedish media as 21-year-old Bakari Diomande, stabbed to death a student and teacher at the Kronan School in Trollhättan on Thursday.

Posing for photographs with students before the stabbings, the killer was dressed as the Star Wars character Darth Vader and carried a large sword. His victims initially assumed his costume was part of an early Halloween prank. A witness told Swedish newspaper Expressen that he shouted the famous line as he carried out his attack, which, some media have said was motivated by the racial abuse he suffered as a refugee in one of Sweden’s most intolerant cities.

And the link between Star Wars, Halloween, refugees, (European) medieval weaponry, racial intolerance and Sweden being…? No, seriously, my theory of him being triggered by Alissa White-Gluz’s mammoth phallus makes more sense than the official narrative.

Bakari Diomande (Dark Dark Vader).
Bakari Diomande (Dark Dark Vader).

All right, let’s try to be serious now… wait, there is no try.

To comment on this story requires that we accept the narrative of the mass media, namely that Bakari Diomande (pictured right, but as with Trayvon Martin the photo doesn’t look recent as he’s described as “21-year-old”), was “forced” by evil wicked racists – who wanted to drive him crazy/”to the dark side”/out of Sweden – to commit mass murder, and he chose to do this by stabbing a few people with a sword while cosplaying Star Wars.

Lolwut? Come on, how can we take this seriously? How can anyone, with a straight face, take this drivel at face value? Then again, the media wants us to believe that jet fuel… whatever. I know, I know. You find my lack of faith disturbing.

Appropriately enough, this took place in a town called Tröllhattan. It’s like Manhattan, but with trolls. And “one of Sweden’s most intolerant cities” at that. What are the odds? Never tell me the odds!

But it gets better, as another Swedish media reveals that he WAS in fact, albeit very distantly, related to the global “war metal conspiracy” to brainwash gullible “people of colour” into committing acts of debilitating mental retardation (as if they needed any help with that).

Other witnesses at the school – which has a large immigrant community – have told how the man silently killed his victims while playing “terrifying” Halloween music.

“Terrifying Halloween music”? You mean Dark Funeral’s shitty harmonic minor scale runs? Or Dimmu Borgir’s boring synthpop? I hope you’re not implying that Watain plays “Halloween music”, as that would be an insult to Halloween music.

Alissa White Gluz & Arch Enemy - Who Said Shit Music was a Victimless Crime?
Alissa White Gluz & Arch Enemy – who Said Shit Music was a Victimless Crime?

Ok, fuck this story. I don’t buy it. Rather, I stand by my initial version – Alissa White-Gluz (“it’s a trap”, if there ever was one), small dicked refugee boyfriend (“judge me by my size, do you?”), racist rural Sweden (“tell your sister… you were right”) and gaythenburg fags taking their revenge on normal society (“the circle is now complete”).

What Alissa White-Gluz really needs to do, to atone for her sins of mudsharking, being a tranny, being Canadian and making horrible music/a mockery of Swedish death metal, is to use her oversized 45cm cock for the good of humanity and shove it down the throat of Erik Danielsson so he can’t record anymore of his “black metal” “vocals”. I’m being totally, 100% serious (“If you will not be turned [off], you will be destroyed!”).

That would be her/his/its defining moment, a face turn to the “light side” of war metal, akin in spirit to throwing the Emperor down the Death Star’s reactor shaft (lol), and finally redeeming her/him/it in the eyes of her/his/its son – also called Luke, but more likely to be a homosexual tramp and heroin addict than a Jedi, but strangely not reticent to calling older men “master” every so often.

That would be truly metal. Unlimited power. Now do it, cunt, put an end to Watain’s reign of talentless posing. Execute order 666.

4 thoughts on “🗡️ Another Black “War Metaller” Goes On A Sword Rampage 🗡️

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  1. Let’s start a petition that says Alissa White Glutzz got to chop off her dick. If her music is so bad it makes others go on a rampage and chop up other pple she should obviously start with cutting her dong and cutting the crap


    1. Unfortunately, that would only encourage him further down the path of dickless Gothenburger shit Arch Enemy laid out for him. Swedish melodeath, where homos compete with trannies in making the worst music possible.

      Also, it’s entirely possible that Alissa Whit Gluz is just Johan Liiva making his return after his “successful” transition. His “new” vocals suck just about the same as they did on Stigmata.


  2. Appropriately enough, this took place in a town called Tröllhattan. It’s like Manhattan, but with trolls.

    So… it’s just like Manhattan 😏


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