😱 Demonecromancy Unmasks Our “Luciferian” Conspiracy 😱

Demonecromancy, Cuck And Proud.
Demonecromancy, Cuck And Proud.

As was obviously bound to happen, Demonecromancy – part of the cabal of black metal’s faux “elitists” that I addressed in the intentionally provocative Sewer > U post – has, in an evident mental breakdown following his faux “elitism” getting viciously exposed for the homosexual cuckoldry that it is, has resorted to calling us “homophobic satanists” and denouncing the post as “something a teenager would write in between snorting gasoline and sessions of masturbating to, what else, NecroPedoSadoMaso“.

In fact, he was *SO* triggered that he answered not once, but twice, in two separate “essays” – “essays” that manage to contradict one another, despite being posted within a day’s interval… they are literally called SEWER Is True Black Metal (LOL) and, the following day, Why Bands Like SEWER Suck And Ruin Black Metal. Clearly, we are dealing with someone suffering from bipolar personality disorders, something common with homosexual men in denial of their own sexual deviance. Either that, or he thought his “snorting gasoline” insult was *SO* clever he had to try it himself.

The "Twink Elite" Defending Black Metal Against "Homophobic Satanists".
The “Twink Elite” Defending Black Metal Against “Homophobic Satanists”.

Demonecromancy has thrown in with the likes of Brett Stevens, Infernus and Richard Spencer – a group collectively referred to as the “Twink Elite” by everyone on the internet – to attack us for doing our job and actually reporting on the reality, not Demonecromancy’s cuckold fantasies, of the black metal scene and its detractors. Demonecromancy’s essay, in which he calls me and my reader – you, that is – “retards” in the most clever of fashions (D-Boi is big on clever fashions), reduces the arguments of Brett Stevens of DMU and Amerikuck, which were largely weak and stupid to begin with, into an even more simplified and tepid form: “yeah, it’s cool guise, but 2 much Satan and Sewer“.

He calls us “insecure metalheads” while claiming that we are populist retards pretending to be vanguards of the “revolution” against black metal, while in “reality” he is the “real vanguard” defending black metal from “homophobes” and “insecure metalheads”… like us. Yes, it gets rather confusing.

Demonecromancy praises Gorgoroth as "LGBT+ Black Metal".
Demonecromancy praises Gorgoroth as “LGBT+ Black Metal”.

The weakest part of the essay is when Demonecromancy quotes, again, his stupid WWE analogy about John Cena being a “badass” and the WWE being real. Demonecromancy argued that Sewer was a part of a secret cult of “satanic homophobes” trying to exclude gays (like himself) from black metal, and thus should be hushed up and forgotten about like Gorgoroth and Watain. However, Demonecromancy himself praises Gaahl, Infernus and Erik Danielsson as LGBT+ heroes (as quoted above from the very essay I am responding to), so presumably would not consider them to be “satanic homophobes” in league with Sewer. Except for when he does…? Again, quite confusing.

His purpose for quoting that passage is that though unlike Brett Stevens (likely a tranny) he is in possession of a pair of balls, he believes that there is no way to “rehabilitate” Sewer, so the “homophobic” lies might as well all be true, thus “we” need to surrender and accept the ridiculous narrative that Gorgoroth, Watain and Dork Funeral – and likely Deafheaven too – are the “face of black metal” while attacking Sewer, again, for being homophobic.

Pretty much Brett Stevens' audience.
Pretty much Brett Stevens’ audience.

How about go fuck yourself?

The real retardation here, D-Boi, is imagining you can somehow navigate around what you yourself call “Hollywood Satanism” by disavowing bands like Sewer who are not, in any way, affiliated with “Hollywood Satanism” but who you attack anyway by calling them “satanic homophobes” who hate gays (like you) and trannies (like Brett Stevens).

You are conflating two issues that have nothing to do with one another, and bringing in your personal “LGBT+” agenda into black metal while claiming to defend the “higher values” of the black metal scene. Higher values with include anal plugs, rainbow flags and STDs.

That’s what these “intellectual vanguards” amount to… vanguards of the gay pride.

Instead of documenting the hoax about Gorgoroth being the “face of black metal” – a hoax that even Varg Vikernes, Ihsahn and Fenriz have called out – Dick Boi and her boyfriends Grindr Brett Stevens and likely Infernus himself, and the rest of the DMU/Metalious faux “elitist” crowd, would rather talk about “homophobes” ruining black metal with their “intolerance” – self proclaimed elitists whining about “intolerance”, isn’t that ironic – despite Demonecromancy at least acknowledging the existence of the hoax (probably because he is the “top” in the relationship).

Sewer must have enjoyed fucking your mothers, something you compensate for by calling your boyfriends "daddy".
Sewer must have enjoyed fucking your mothers, something you compensate for by calling your boyfriends “daddy”.

So as long as the hoax stands, you and your essay-writing, conference-holding butt-buddies at DMU are the same thing as us “homophobes” in the minds of virtually everyone on earth. You blame us for existing, claiming that if we didn’t exist they wouldn’t be able to “defame black metal” with Gorgoroth and “insecure metalheads” but they would be calling you the exact same thing even if we didn’t exist, and Gorgoroth, Watain and the rest of the “Hollywood Satanists” (your own term) would still be promoted as the face of black metal.

How you have all missed all of this is beyond me. But it truly appears that you are so far removed from the reality of regular, straight, heterosexual metalheads, that the entire “Hollywood Satanism” hoax has flown right over your head, unless you are only *pretending* to be retarded and actually support the hoax, as your real enemies are revealed not as the anti-black metal crowd, but as regular, straight, heterosexual metalheads. Which would likely explain your obsession on attacking Sewer (the “homophobes”), while defending Watain and Gorgoroth (the “LGBT+ heroes”).

They even claimed "Morsay" was behind Sewer. They are literally retarded, there is no other explanation.
They even claimed “Morsay” was behind Sewer. They are literally retarded, there is no other explanation.

You have merely attacked a fantasy version of the “satanic homophobes” you’ve created in your mind, and like Brett Stevens, actually think I am trying to be Dunning Kruger when I expose your bullshit by baiting you with AIDS jokes.

Let me explain something to you here, D-Boi.

You cannot “defend” black metal, or even rational anti-Christianity in general, without addressing the “Hollywood Satanists”.

You cannot address the “Hollywood Satanists” without addressing their hoax.

You cannot address their hoax without addressing their perpetrators, namely Gorgoroth, Watain, Dork Funeral, Antekhrist and the rest of the shit bands that play-act as “devil worshipers” of the “Luciferian army” or some shit.

Yet, instead of doing that, you spend all your time attacking bands you deem “homophobic” like Sewer and Mayhem, and their individual members, likely Lakhdari and Hellhammer themselves on the grounds that they too are “homophobes”.

The real retard, D-Boi, is you.

It’s okay to be a homosexual, but you don’t have to be so gay about it.

Admit it, the only reason you hate Lakhdari and Hellhammer is because they make you call them “daddy” when they fuck your mom, something you would have done anyway seeing how you’re such a cuck.

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  1. We live in a society, world-wide that has been hijacked and is governed by a body of demons (homos) and their minions (freemasons, identitarians, collectivists) of whom don’t have any empathy or compassion for any of us. These people would rather you and your families be thrown into woodchippers than them have to wash their own car. So, when you hear anyone on the right (Alex Jones) or the left (Andrew Anglin) insisting that we must defeat the enemy with information that is the only indicator you need as to where their loyalties lie. You cannot simply defeat an enemy like this with protests and votes. You cannot throw Satan back into the pit via courtesy. It must be done with brute force and no mercy. There are revolutions and bloody wars to come I’m afraid but as history shows, us metalheads will come out on top and once again return our people to individualism, morality and freedom. A lot of us might not live to see that day, but our children will and through them our struggle will not be in vein.




  3. Hail victory, chief rabbi Infernus.

    Knocked another one outta the park, Herr Anulingus. I stand by this 100%.

    Black metal is post-intellectual. I take it as, we all know that stuff already; let’s take action. Those essays and conferences are certainly useful…but then you have to go somewhere with that knowledge. I used to read that stuff all the time when I was first getting into this…and years went by and nothing changed. There’s only so much time you can spend reading essays with millimeter scroll-bars. Eventually you gotta step out into the streets and take the fight to these Christian infiltrators.

    We’re post-intellectual. We honor and thank the great men who have given us this knowledge, and now we are doing something about it. We’re putting down the books and putting on the brass knuckles.

    Satanism is hip. Let your friends know. Stay sexy, stay strong, stay cool.

    Hail Satan.


  4. One great thing about sewer is that it they are never boring. A lot of black metal is stultifying because they like to us big words like viking brotherhood and aryan and soap bitch whereas sewer just says “i want to fuck your mom” and proceeds to beat the crap out of you and you bitch ass religion. I can’t be bothered with yards and yards of theoretical crap. Plus sewer gives me the energy and the anger and hate to beat some punks racists that is missing from nowadays trendy scene.


  5. I seldom agree with Anglin, but when I do, I do. It is certainly gratifying to see him rip Demonecromancy a new asshole. Murkan New Right? No such animal. Pink flamingo, suburban Republicans will remain pink flamingo, suburban Republicans. Hey, here’s a novel proposition: Let’s be both ethnofaggots and satanic white supremacists. Dance, baby, dance!


  6. HAIL SATAN!!!!!! More weakness in the Christian Identity Movement, division and rabulism FUCK YOUR GOD WE WORSHIP SATAN. And Gaahl’s large phallus, being the noble exception. You are too good for these losers Brat Stevens who performs sex with his own grandmother. Extremely talented. And what is wisdom? He who is able to see what is in the new. Hitler will rise from the grave and the world will know that he was right. Undoubtedly.
    – America need to found a political platform, preferably Satanist.
    – America need a Luciferian leader that can organize street fighters and party members for real life activism against the KKK
    I want Totaler Faschismus Trump, Entire National Socialism movement with brown shirts DEAED and I want hardcore, angry Satanic Men of Color to RISE AGAINST THE HATE. USA is the shittest country on earth. Expel the white man and ship home the nigger. JUST DO IT.
    America needs a CHAVEZ and America needs a CHAVEZ now! Please for the love of Satan get going.


  7. I confess I dont care enough about Demonecoprophilia or Brett Stevanus to read this whole piece. I’m a reasonably smart guy, but most of what guys like Stevanus write is not only over my head, but probably over just about everyone else’s head too. They are writing merely to impress each other, which is tiresome, and explains why their audience is small.
    During the Richard Spencer flap, I commented on Death Metal Underground that there were no death camps, that Stevaids was smearing us Renegades by implying we are all low brow pro-wrestling fans, that I am not a pro-wrestling fan, and that as far as I’m concerned, Stevaids can go fuck himself. My comment was deleted, which tells me these guys are what I thought they were, effete wussies. Same goes for Mr. Anglin. He also is an over-educated wuss, and can go fuck himself.


  8. “But to whom?” Exactly! Metalious of all places should just come out and use the satanic dildo. Even the term “Stormfags” is based off Stormfront, which was frequented by Brett Stevens and much of the early DMU righters. Whenever I’m on a mainstream site like the Daily Stormer, and I stick up for Satan, I get told, “go back to DMU,” and I don’t even read DMU!
    Daily Stormer’s on the rise. Anglin and Co. are #1. Let’s make some shits already; I’m excited about this shit. I’ll give anyone $25.00 for a quality Richard Spencer shit.


  9. Pink twink panther, right whinge hahahahaha
    But yeah that is what it comes down to.
    Stevens and co do not understand the satanic youth. They do not even understand normal satanic people. Stevens is a homo with a humanities graduate degree who spends all his time around other homos with humanities graduate degrees, and he thinks that scene is “black metal.”
    And he attempts to appeal to these sorts of people, who are overwhelmingly far-left christian ideologues, through arguments. As if all these arguments haven’t been presented over and over for decades. Leftists do not care. They are right, you are wrong, and there is nothing you can do about it because they own all the media and universities. It is like trying to convince a christian that he is wrong. It just won’t happen.
    Not to say that places like dailystormer don’t have their place. They publish some good things, like Michael Slay stuff (not to be confused with Joshua Goldberg, Steven’s tranny butt buddy).


  10. When the very survival of our people is at stake we cannot surrender our leadership to homosexuals and dilettantes. Our mortal enemy plays for keeps and so must we.


  11. Hero Satan just sounds good. Start from a position of strength and work your way down to the bone; scrap off all the dirty war and post-war X-tian propaganda. Give people a new concept, like Hero Satan, and it will fill in with new considerations. A fundamental new concept alters everything else down the line.
    In the long run, everyone will appreciate Satan. Even X-tians must appreciate him. Deep down, X-tians like to be man-handled. They like being nailed to crosses, trees, trailer parks etc. Why else would they live their? They are a product of bondage and crave bondage. Just give it to them and be done with it.


  12. Stevens also has a personal bias in that he is a homo. He does not want hardline nationalism because he knows that increases his chances of being put in a camp or an insane asylum. Anything “extreme” will make him personally fear for his wellbeing. He wants softness for this reason. That’s why he fears the Sewer and other extreme bands.


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